Episode #2 When A House Collapses

“Joy doesn't come from circumstances, it comes from inside.”

Robin Fischette lived a full and "harried" life; running a business with her husband and raising 3 daughters,  until...it became way too much. After her body started falling apart, she found that her marriage was as well. In order to dig her way out of the rubble, she had to make some courageous decisions to rebuild her life from the inside out.

This podcast explores the questions: What are the messages your body is trying to tell you? When is it selfish to take care of yourself? What if some long held beliefs aren't working?

Listen to this compelling Hero's Journey where Robin takes responsibility for her own well-being,  learns how to truly love her life, and commits to share those powerful concepts with other men and women who have lost themselves along the way.


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Up To You

Message In The Body


Robin Severn-Fischette is the mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 2 awesome son-in-laws. She’s an active and multi-faceted entrepreneur with a special focus on the quality & balance of life. Her background as an actress & singer landed her a record deal on the BMG record label. As well, she co-wrote & performed on a musical for Word Records. She co-founded and developed Go West Creative, producing live events and media for high level clients. She continues today to produce & consult for non-profit organizations through one of her companies, Creating 4A Cause. She additionally established The Nest Development Studios in order to put a focus back on the writing & development of intellectual property, including treatments for television & writing music. She continues to do voice overs & is actively involved in fitness, fashion and food. 
Robin has many ventures in motion at this time. This year, she is actively focusing her attention on music and a forthcoming VLOG on livluvlifestyle.com where you can follow her journey into her new lifestyle business.
She recently produced a Gala Awards Show and Fundraiser on March 24th, 2018 for Unstoppable Foundation. Click to learn more about their humanitarian work. 
Robin is available for business consultation, speaking, and appearances.
CONTACT:  Robin@thenestds.com or Robin@livluvlifestyle.com.



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