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A Brief History

The Moment When…Podcast was birthed during a difficult crossroads in my life. Let me back up.

After the loss of my 10 year-old daughter to cancer in 2004, and my son moving out at age 18, I began a new chapter. My empty-nest status and ever-searching heart led me to become a Life Coach.

I started a company called Soul Organizer and spent years coaching people through their challenges, writing online courses to support them, all the while trying to find my own way through life. After about 10 years or so, I felt an urge to start another chapter, but had no idea what it would be. Since I LOVE to ask people questions and learn about their transformation process, my husband Jeff suggested I start a podcast. He said, “Invite people to share their journeys of struggle and break through. They always open up to you. Call it The Moment When…”

My first thought was, HELL NO! I was feeling like a failure at the time and I thought this would be one more way to ensure that I indeed deserved that description. I didn’t want to put so much effort into “yet another creative project” only for it to not go anywhere. But I quickly caught that negative voice from within and decided to play with the idea and see what would happen.

A few months later, I ran into an old friend of mine. Her son had also died of leukemia years back. I asked her to be a guest on my show and she enthusiastically agreed. I recorded Lisa DeLong (my first episode) in September of 2017 and didn’t release that show until February of 2018 as there was still much to be done after the initial interview.

I wasn’t sure of the podcast format, but it seemed to tell me what it wanted to be. I used the Hero’s Journey archetypal template as a structure. Then decided it needed narration and some musical underscore. Jeff was happy to offer his talent to compose soulful and exquisite songs for each guest. The show was born!!!

This is truly a labor of love for you, my listeners. I know so many amazing people who have traversed the rocky path of life, hit massive obstacles, and found their way through. It’s important that we hear each other’s stories of struggle and triumph. We often feel like we’re the only one going through hardships. And sometimes we can’t find our way. My hope is that each episode will be a light on your path and a wisdom teaching for your soul’s heroic journey.

Click to read the article about my own Hero’s Journey.

Click to read the article about my own Hero’s Journey.

Hi! I’m Belinda Lams.

I produce and host The Moment When…Podcast. I absolutely LOVE producing this show and feel honored and privileged to inspire you on your Hero’s Journey with the stories of each of my amazing guests.

And next to me is my husband Jeff Lams. He is the composer of all the original music featured in each episode. The guy is a genius if I do say so myself. We have been married for 30 years!!! AND we’re still crazy in love. (not that it’s always been easy). We have 2 children. Our son Jordan lives in LA. And our daughter Aria lives in heaven.