Episode #1 When Lightning Strikes Twice

“I realized that I could still feel joy even though I was in so much sorrow.”

Lisa DeLong had a "perfect" life with her husband and children, until...her first son, Justin was diagnosed with leukemia. Although he achieved remission for many years, he eventually relapsed and finally died. Once she got her equilibrium, it happened again with her youngest child.

This podcast explores the questions: Can bad things happen to good people? Can they happen more than once? Are there other ways to see reality?

Listen to this compelling hero's journey where Lisa discovers a hidden realm of meaning and finds a new path of channeling to help other grieving parents.

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Making Sense of Things


Lisa DeLong, RN is an international speaker, author, spiritual teacher, cannabis nurse, ballroom dancer and mom! She inspires audiences with a powerful reconnect to purpose message using writing prompts, Salsa dancing, and humor. Audiences are transformed as they recognize the value of their life experience and remember who they truly are.

Her first-born son, Justin, died at the age of fifteen after a ten-year remission from leukemia. Six years later, her youngest son, Jacob, was diagnosed with the same kind of non-familial leukemia. He has completed treatments and is now a healthy teen! Lisa’s connection with Justin remains and assists her in expanding spiritual awareness.
Her memoir, BLOOD Brothers, is touching the hearts of readers all over the world and is required reading for nursing students. Lisa blogs about her perspectives on medicinal cannabis, dance, spirituality, living with fear, and returning to joy. She lives in Southern California with her husband of 34 years, her surviving son, her dog Poochini and a small flock of chickens. Her two adult daughters live creative lives in Oregon. Her family remains close and surprisingly sane.

You can connect with Lisa and find out about her channeling workshops, purchase her book Blood Brothers and more at these links:

Workshop: From Child Loss To Channeling - How to become your own medium




Episode #2 When A House Collapses

Episode #2 When A House Collapses