Despair Then Transformation

"Despair is a last protection."

-David Whyte 

"Despair is a part of the metamorphosis”

-Naomi Collins-Beltz

Healing. Transformation. Fulfillment.

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Pain. Depression. Despair.

Yes. Yes. And yes. 

What?!!! No!!! 

Really...yes. The painful parts of our lives serve a profound purpose. While our culture tries to tell us that any pain is bad and should be immediately resolved with some kind of magic pill, it eliminates a necessary and powerful component from our process. 

In her podcast episode, Naomi shared about a period of depression and despair. Her life felt like a bait and switch. She had thought she was heading toward the Promised Land of fulfillment and actualization. Instead, she found herself on Survivor Island, feeling abandoned and forgotten.

Through this painful and dark experience, she learned that Survivor Island and the Promised Land share the same territory. In order to have one, you must have the other.

Despair is a part of transformation. 
It brings you right up to the edge of your life where you feel at a loss. Then you have an opportunity to shed your current ways of thinking and behaving in order to discover new ones. 

Despair is an indicator that something needs attention.
Rather than making it bad or wrong (or making yourself bad or wrong), try going into it. What is it telling you?

Despair won't last forever. 
Even though it may feel interminable, it will surely end. Everything has a season. If you resist the pain, it actually gets stronger. Try relaxing into it and learn its teaching. 

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