Accept What Is

"I think this is the definition of insanity: when I'm living my life, but I'm denying what's happening."

-Naomi Collins-Beltz

What if everything is as it should be right now.

I don’t know if I fully believe that idea philosophically, but lately I have been trying it on to see if it's helpful. And you know what? It just might be. (check out my thought experiment below)

In Naomi's episode, she talked about a certain kind of "insanity" that occurs when we deny the reality of what is happening in our lives. 

Here are a few common "insane" statements:

This can't be happening! (Yet it is.) 
I shouldn't feel this way. (But you do.) 
Life is NOT supposed to be like this. (Still it is.)

This disbelief or denial about what is happening is a defense mechanism. Life isn't going your way, it hurts, and you can't stand the pain. So you erect an alternate reality and hide under its illusory protection. 

But...what if everything really is as it should be right now.

What if we can say:

This is happening and it hurts. (And it's ok)
I feel afraid. (And it's ok)
Life is supposed to be like this because it is. (AND it's ok)

When you accept what is, you can find authentic solutions.

The hurt can be looked after. (You start to heal)
The fear can be faced. (You gain courage)
The difficulty can be a calling. (You transform)

As Naomi said, "If everything in your life is happening to get you to wake up…then the circumstance you’re in is what you need."

Choose sanity: Accept the reality of the moment and then make your next choice from there.

Think of a situation that you currently find particularly difficult. Now say, it’s not supposed to be this way. This can’t be happening. 
Notice how it feels in your body. Notice the thoughts that come after that initial thought. 

Now try this. Think of the exact same difficult situation that you are currently experiencing. Say to yourself, everything is the way it’s supposed to be right now. (You may be resisting this idea, but just try it). Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be right now.
Notice your body sensations and the thoughts the proceed from that perspective. 

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