You Are Here

"Once I let go, everything started to flourish."

-Janice Freeman

Did you know that you are living between arrows?

One arrow is the force toward change and the other is the force opposing change. The strength of these forces is holding you where you are.

If you want to change something in your life, you very simply boost the force for change and weaken the force against change. Sounds so easy. (It's not). 

In the podcast episode with Janice Freeman, she talked about her life as a victim of many abuses and illnesses. The force toward change was her desire to have a joyful life; no more abuse, no more toxic relationships. 

The force toward change was strong. But the force against change was equally strong; a negative self-view and holding bitterness toward people who betrayed her. 

Those opposing forces kept her stuck in the victim position. 

She was able to move toward the change once she saw herself as a beautiful person of value and once she released that bitterness toward others. She was no longer a victim, but an empowered woman, living a joyful life. 

And she became a powerful VOICE to help others who are stuck between the arrows.

If you haven't heard her interview, check it out. You'll be so glad you did. 

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