The Holy Window

"I had to seize that moment or just give up for good."

      -Clayton Light

Life can feel so random at times.

Then there are those moments when everything seems to come together.

The clouds part and you are invited to change your life.

In Clayton's episode, he talked about a window of opportunity that opened up for him when his life was falling apart.  Had there been other windows? Perhaps. But there was something very special about this one. 

It came at a particular time and place. When the stars were aligned. The conditions were right. It was radiating beams of hope to his heart that hadn't been as obvious with the other windows. He knew this one was different. So...he seized it. He made a choice, got on the sober train, and has been on it ever since.

That's really what "The Moment When..." podcast is about. Those moments when we get a clear message that shifts our reality. We have a longing for change. The moment arrives. We are presented with a choice. 

Opportunities pass. 

These windows don't stay open forever. Yes, there could be another one down the road, but what if there isn't? What if this one is THE ONE? When everything is lined up and waiting for you to decide to walk through that opening.

While not every decision carries such high stakes, Clayton's choice really was about life or death. If he had continued on his path of addiction, it eventually would have killed him. He had the sense that this holy window of opportunity was his last. He says,

"I came to the fork in the road; are you going to live or are you going to die?"

He decided to live. 

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